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Houseonality: Priorities Quiz

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Priorities Quiz:

This quiz takes a look at how we prioritize our lives.  Our priorities influence our decisions, and how we decide to live our lives.  Read the list of actions below.  Imagine they are all happening at the same time.  Prioritize what  you would do first, second, third, etc.  There are no wrong answers.  No peeking - it works better if you are uninfluenced by the results.

Place the following situations in the order you would complete them.

  • The phone is ringing.
  • The doorbell is ringing.
  • The clothes are hanging outside and it has started to rain.
  • The baby is crying.
  • The water is running from the tap.

Think about what you will do first, then second and so on.  Scroll down to see the explanation. Each action reflects the priorities that you have set in your life. Take a look at the following table to see which priority corresponds to which action.

Attend the phoneCareer and job
See who is at the doorFriends and relatives
Pick up the clothesLove
Attend the babyFamily
Switch the tap offWealth

What does this have to do with your home? 

Check your priorities below for an explanation.

1.    Career and Job: Your room is the Den/Home Office. You need that home office. A home that has a close proximity to where you work is a definite. 

2.    Friends and Relatives: Your room is the Dining Room. It is important to have a place in the home for family to come and visit.  A place for a large table for meals.  A place for your Christmas tree and seating.  A house with a nice layout for entertaining.

3.    Love: Its all about the bedroom and master bath.  A place for you to have your personal haven.  Most likely including a walk in closet.

4.    Family: The Kitchen is your room – it has to function and work as hard as you do. It is important to have enough space for the family, a yard, close to schools and parks. 

5.    Wealth: Your room is the Family Room with the latest flat screen TV, and the components that go with it, and a large comfy sofa to enjoy your spoils.  You want a house with some panache-a home that shows how hard you work.  A prestigious location would be a selling point for you. 

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